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***  Belleville Kiwanis Club Events ***  

 Jan  8 Board Meeting 8:00am Corner Café

 Jan  17 REGULAR MEETING 6:00pm Corner Café
               What Are the Issues Our Junior High and Senior High Students Face?
               Sgt. Molly, BellevillePD Judge Mary,VillageHall  

 Jan 29 RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE 1:00pm – 6:00pm 
                St. Mary’s of Lourdes

 Feb  7 REGULAR MEETING 6:00pm Corner Café TBD
*** Note: Newsletter program  Feb 7 has moved to Feb 21 ***

 Feb 12 Board Meeting 8:00am Corner Café

 Feb 16 CHILI PREP 8:00am High School Kitchen

 Feb 17 CHILI/TACO BAR DINNER with BOY SCOUTS 11:00am – 5:00pm

 Feb 21 REGULAR MEETING 6:00pm Corner Café
               Vaping and other E-Cigarette Similar Devices Kids Are Starting To Use
               Doug McLain, BACC


Judge Mary Gehin & Sgt. Molly Hultine photo

Municiple Judge Mary Gehin and Sgt. Molly Hultine, Belleville PD
January 17, 2019 topic: Today's Youth: What Are Their Concerns
Bullying, Mental Health/Medical, Drugs, Identity Issues, Friendship

2019 Kiwanis and Boy Scouts Annual Fund Raiser Poster

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